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Get To Know Miss Bikini Queensland - Remii Petrece.

We caught up with this years Miss Bikini Queensland, Remii Petrece, to find out more about herself and the lifestyle of a bikini model.

How does it feel to take out the Miss Bikini QLD title?

I was pretty over the moon about taking out the overall title. I simply just went into the show just to have fun and for the experience of it being my first bodybuilding competition. Still to this day I am on cloud nine that I took out the overall title of the show.

What made you get into the fitness industry and enter these competitions?

A lot of people are amazed that I am now into health and fitness as I was the least sportiest and was probably the laziest person in school. I always got my mum to write me a note for HPE because I never wanted to do it. I hated exercise to say the least.

 I first got into the fitness industry because of my boyfriend. He was really into health and fitness and I guess I sort of just caught on from there. I then signed up to my first gym, so I could learn the ropes of it all. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I use to just do basic ab work and just those random at home workouts videos I found on the internet. I use to go late at night to learn how to use all of the equipment. After months I had gained the confidence to do everything myself.

I was ready to take the next step, so I reached out to a girl that I followed on instagram for quite some time. She was actually competing at that time, and I remember thinking ‘I want to be up there doing that too’. It then started with her being my personal trainer, and then fast forward 6 months later, I started my prep for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Fast forward another 12 months and I competed in my first show, taking out the overall Miss Bikini Queensland title and it was the best experience I have had to date.

What are your goals for the future?

In terms of competing I would like to achieve my INBA Pro Card and become a Pro Bikini Athlete. In terms of Health and Fitness I would like to go further in the career path of helping people achieve their fitness goals and allow them to be happy with the body they carry.

How do you find the motivation to do what you do?

I won’t sugar coat the word ‘motivation’ because to be brutally honest with you its not everyday that I am motivated. Some days I really have no motivation to drag myself out of bed to get to the gym and some days all i want to do is be in the gym. The days I am absolutely exhausted and tired I don’t bash myself up about it. My body is tired so therefore I just listen to what its telling me and take some to rest and smash it out the next day. Not everyone is always motivated. You get tired, you get sick, you are exhausted and some days you just have to listen to your body.

If you had one tip to give someone, what would it be?

If I had one tip to give someone, I would tell them to keep grinding and never give up. Things in the fitness industry take time and if you stick by it the whole time, be consistent and believe in yourself and everything will go to plan.

We were also lucky enough to get our hands on what a day of eating looks like during the prep of Remii.

 Daily Macronutrient Target: 180-200C, 130-150P, 30-60F



60g Rolled Oats

¼ Cup Lite Milk

Sugar Free Maple Syrup



4 Rice Cakes

1 Teaspoon Peanut Butter



200g Chicken Breast

250g Low carb Potato

80g Broccoli


Can of Tuna in Spring water


150g Chicken Breast

150g White Rice

Teaspoon Soy Sauce

Teaspoon Light Sweet Chilli Sauce

Packet Frozen Vegetables




3 Egg White Omelette with;

Teaspoon Peanut Butter

Sugar free maple syrup



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